59 Days, 47 Minutes, and 52.748 seconds

I leave for Sydney in two months… in fact, as I write this piece, the official countdown is: 59 days, 47 minutes, 52.748 seconds until my flight leaves the United States and my journey to the other side of the world begins.

Upon deciding to participate in a Global Experiences internship, I was told, “Take the image you’ve created in your mind and throw it away.” Whoa. That sounds scary. As expectations formulate in my mind — I (try really hard to) throw them away! I am ready to be challenged, to be taken out of my comfort zone, and to soak up as much new knowledge as possible.

I have not even left yet and I am already learning things: I learned how and why to apply for a Visa. To acquire Australian dollars before I leave the States, I learned that (at my bank) I will need to order a pre-specified amount of money about a month in advance. Although it is Australia’s winter, I learned that temperatures will be between 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Many interns do not confirm their internship placement until four to eight weeks before they leave.  However, a prominent fashion label became interested in me in the beginning of the year; I interviewed with the brand manager in February and got the job! Global Experiences does a great job at laying groundwork for their candidates. My host company already knew my name and background (by speaking with GE representatives) and had my resume and cover letter. I have enjoyed checking out my host company’s website and receiving weekly e-newsletters. I cannot wait to start my internship in June!

Here are some pieces from the line:

internship 59 Days, 47 Minutes, and 52.748 seconds Rosalind Thiel Black Dressinternship 59 Days, 47 Minutes, and 52.748 seconds Rosalind Thiel Tunicinternship 59 Days, 47 Minutes, and 52.748 seconds Rosalind Thiel Print Dress

What I know about my host company:

· They do everything “in house,” meaning: They create, sketch, design, sew, price, sell wholesale and retail, advertise, promote, etc.

· I will be able to learn anything I want (because everything is done in house!).

· I will be working with approximately 20 co-workers, including Lynette — with whom I’ve already spoken on the phone.

· The designer is originally from San Francisco, but fell in love with Australia and moved there, where she started her line.

· and…that is it for now!

I cannot wait to arrive in Sydney and start my internship in June!