The sun looks like butter, but I´ll have strawberry jelly

The sun looks like butter, but I´ll have strawberry jelly Plaza de Espana in SevilleYesterday, I booked my ticket home, and made my pending departure from the greatest summer of my life official. I’m back in the US of A soon which means I have exactly 32 days to fit in as many drinks by the river, tapas (and that disgustingly good gnocchi), a trip to Rome, a trip to Ibiza, and take as many pictures as I can manage – so hard to believe that I’ve already reached the halfway point of my trip. I hate when people say it, but [insert twitter hash tag here] it feels like just yesterday I was boarding the plane at good old Eppley Airfield. Much like my last day in Omaha, when I woke up early to run through Elmwood and Memorial Park and say my own goodbyes to the 402, I woke up early this morning to run through the streets of Seville. I took full advantage of the quiet and beautiful morning to revel in the cool air and enjoy the ambiance of the Spanish early morning routine. Just as a child wakes up and takes her time to get out of bed, the city was sleepy and yawned its way into the heat and fast paced morning that comes with the start to the work day. As the sun began to peek out over the horizon, I felt so at ease and almost euphoric. Like a drug, I just can´t get enough of Seville and what the city has to offer. The anticipation that comes with an early morning like this one, before my mind completely wakes up to the stress and anxiety of what’s to come is a high I can’t refuse. As the confirmation email in my inbox proves all good things do and always will come to an end, but right now I’m living in the moment.

As the sun fully rose, and the humidity began to close in, I started making my way back home so I to could get ready for the day. However, today especially, I felt a little extra spring in my step. I’m going to focus on today, but thank you Seville; because of you, I’m happy and optimistic about the future