Welcome Global Experiences Alumni

We are very happy you are part of our growing network of past participants and this section of our website is dedicated to helping you continue to move forward in your personal and professional lives.

You have already taken a huge step toward differentiating yourself from millions of your peers, as individuals and aspiring professionals. Your time abroad has likely transformed your perpsective on the world, yourself, your education, and your future opportunities. How you apply this perspective will determine how valuable that global experience will prove to be. We helped open some doors to your international internship experience and we now want to connect you with our network of past participants and resources to help open more doors ahead.

Who are Global Experiences Alumni?

GE alum are extraordinary, aspiring young professionals who made a choice to do something unique by living and working abroad. Not everyone can take on such a challenge but those who do reap the rewards. In addition to the personal experience of living in Florence or Sydney or elsewhere (surely your new adoptive homes!), you have gained invaluable professional work experience that will help differentiate you from millions of others entering the job market each year.

Alumni have gone on to great careers in fashion, journalism, and politics while others have pursued their dreams of singing, acting or art. No matter what path you choose from here, your experience abroad will forever be a remarkable achievement.

Use the Network!

We have set up a number of networking platforms so you can connect with other past and present participants, discuss job opportunities, share resources, or even just reconnect with friends that were on your program.

Click here for networking.