Global Experiences Alumni Networks

We have created a number of networking platforms to help Global Experiences alumni connect with past participants, learn about job opportunities, find useful career building resources, learn about travel opportunities, and more.

Like most social utility networks such as Facebook, these platforms are only as valuable as you make them. We encourage you to be proactive with these resources so you get real value from them. Though the social connectivity is great, finding a new job opportunity, getting a great resume sample for a job in Europe, or getting an introduction to a prospective employer could be even better. You will never know until you try.

Networking Platforms

The following platforms have been made available for Global Experiences alumni in an ongoing effort to help you grow as a professional in an increasingly competitive global employment market. We encourage you to join and actively participate in these groups as the more contributions made, the more value will be provided for all involved.

Connect with old friends from your program or connect with other GE Alum Business networking utility to help further your career Share videos of your experience abroad with other past, current and future participants Keep up with our Tweets as we will continue to provide valuable career advice and other resources Follow our blog and submit your own for posting