Welcome School Officials and College Advisors!

Global Experiences is the world’s leading provider of customized, international work experience programs for college students and recent graduates. We provide students with international work experiences that maintain the integrity of your academic programs with a robust palette of work experiences for strong vocational practicality as well. With student demand at its highest and Global Education/Career Services struggling to find safe credible (vetted) host employers, we are formally partnering with an increasing number of institutions to help students complement their classroom knowledge through structured internship programs.

We have created several types of partnerships with colleges and universities. For example, we have established customized programs at Hofstra Law School, Muhlenberg College, Salisbury University and other schools. In addition, we maintain a preferred vendor status from Memoranda of Understanding agreements (MOU’s) with Texas A&M, RIT, Central Michigan University and several other institutions. We are also happy to work in a non-formal or semi-formal manner and would be more than happy to discuss the possibilities with you directly.

Customization is the key as we know that no two schools are the same. We take time to get to know not just your students’ specific needs, but also your mission and strategic goals. The more we understand your programmatic strengths and areas for improvement, the easier it will be to create a customized international program that is both educational and a differentiating factor in your students’ academic portfolios.

There is no doubt that traditional study abroad is still a fine option for certain students. However, now more than ever many career-focused students are seeking creative ways to have transformative global experiences that also advance their career goals. Because of their pro-active efforts, our alumni are well prepared for the job market by having substantial international work experiences and not just social/cultural ones. In today’s economy, companies want workers who understand the global economy and cultures of the world. In sum, our partner schools and program alumni know the value of having robust international work experiences to compliment their strong academic foundation.

So let us augment and enhance your school’s international program offerings and options. You’ll be helping your students become more marketable and better prepared for today’s global economy as well. To start the dialogue, please call Jessica Burns at (410) 267-7306. Alternatively, you can request more information at: jessica@globalexperiences.com.