Our Track Record

Global Experiences takes great pride in ensuring that our programs are of the highest quality in both options and delivery. Through our program framework we constantly review and monitor the progress of our students before, during and after the internship to maintain our proven track record as the leading provider of customized international internships.

Since our inception in 2001, we have had thousands of students participate in our programs, most coming from a wide range of universities in the USA and Canada. In fact we have provided internships to students from several hundred different accredited institutions.

As more universities see the benefit of program collaboration with program providers (still a relatively new concept and option we appreciate), we have developed direct affiliations with institutions so their students may learn more about our programs “on campus”. Please visit the Working Together link to learn more about collaborating to provide internships to your students.

We have Affiliate Agreements with several universities including The University of Southern California, Hofstra University, Bloomsburg University, Frostburg State University, Central Michigan University, Penn State and West Virginia University to name a few. We also work individually with academic advisors from a number of other institutions across the United States to create programs for students on a more individual basis rather than a campus wide option.

Global Experiences is also actively involved in both NAFSA and NACE, and most recently presented on a panel at the annual NAFSA conference in Los Angeles titled "Best Practices: How to work with 3rd party providers".

We are happy to provide any further information upon request so please feel free to contact us today.