Academic Internships

Our Approach

Global Experiences believes that in order for students to truly benefit from their personal and professional experience abroad, it is necessary to have a framework that governs the experience before, during and after the program.

Global Experiences has developed an academic approach to monitor and assess its internship programs. This framework is designed to closely examine the intern experience, helping to ensure quality and accountability of program delivery. We believe this approach is crucial to the continued success of the program and its participants.

Our Framework

Global Experiences understands there are a variety of models for conducting successful academic internships. We have taken care to bring many components of these models into our framework while also recognizing the evolutionary nature of these programs in terms of needs, assessments, and specific requirements of different universities and their students. As such we aim to provide a flexible program structure that would allow your institution to customize that framework. Global Experiences already works with a number of institutions across North America, many of which with their unique requirements.

Generally speaking our framework encompasses the following:

  • Before the program starts we work to identify the key learning and skills objectives of the participants. This allows us to find the most suitable employer that can best meet those objectives. This is one of the strengths of Global Experiences.
  • During the first week the intern will discuss their objectives with their supervisor to ensure that the goals of the internship are clear to both parties.
  • Three evaluations will take place during the placement to assess progress and address issues if they occur.
  • At the conclusion of the program, a skills assessment will be completed by both the supervisor and intern.
  • Ancillary services will also be reviewed to assess the organization, quality of program delivery, and the overall intern experience.

Global Experiences is actively involved in NAFSA, National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), and the National Society of Experiential Education (NSEE) to ensure that we stay abreast of best practices related to the academic internship and how these affect our programs. We are also engaged with the Work, Internships, Volunteer Abroad (WIVA) subcommittee of NAFSA and endeavor to contribute regularly to the promotion of such programs within the greater study abroad community.

Gaining Credit

There are three ways to obtain credit for a Global Experiences program; transfer credit from our US-based affiliate university, Eastern Washington University; enroll in the Global Experiences HULT International Business School course/internship program in London; or work with individual advisors and faculty to help facilitate direct credit for our programs at their home institution.

For more detailed information on how students can receive credit for these internships programs, please link to our Academic Credit page.